A look at the complete process of transforming a source code into an executable format

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  • What kind of platform or technology the buyers are using?
  • Can we build a classification model to distinguish between a potential buyer or a window shopper?

Merchandise Store

The store (shop.googlemerchandisestore.com) sells Google-branded merchandise. If you navigate to the…

Modified Image from NASA

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. (John Muir)

Searing bright flames leaped and engulfed the majestic oak and pine trees, along with anything that was caught in its way, that wildfire, the California Campfire, was one of the most destructive in California’s history of wildfires. Even if you were a few hundred miles away, somewhere in the bay area, you could feel the smoke-filled air scorching your throat and constricting the airways as you inhale.

  1. Get date and time beginning midnight
  2. Do some comparison between (1) and (2)

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