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transactions : Total number of ecommerce transactions within the session.

fullVisitorId: The unique visitor ID (also known as client ID)

date: The date of the session in YYYYMMDD format.

timeOnSite: Total time of the session expressed in seconds.

visits: The number of sessions (for convenience). This value is 1 for sessions with interaction events. The value is null if there are no interaction events in the session.

medium: The medium of the traffic source. Could be “organic”, “cpc”, “referral”, or the value of the utm_medium URL parameter

sessionQualityDim: An estimate of how close a particular session was to transacting, ranging from 1 to 100, calculated for each session. A value closer to 1 indicates a low session quality, or far from transacting, while a value closer to 100 indicates a high session quality, or very close to transacting. A value of 0 indicates that Session Quality is not calculated for the selected time range.

Total visitors = 714167
Visitors with transactions sum greater than zero = 10022
Percentage of visitor making a transaction = 0.01

Atwater, total sessions = 8
sessions with total transactions > 0 = 2
percentage = 0.25

New York, total sessions = 26371
sessions with total transactions > 0 = 1507
percentage = 0.05714610746653521

Confision Matrix for AdaBoostClassifier



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